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KW Report Exclusive: Miguel Wilson Collection

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

In a sit-down chat with Founder & CEO of his eponymous brand and collection, Miguel Wilson talks about his love and passion for luxury menswear and bespoke suits and how these objects of desire play an intrinsic part to his lifestyle, including his sports and athletic wear collection. Hinting at his upcoming "Because It's His Day Too" Tour during the second and third week of April 2020--which includes appointments in New York, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas--Miguel speaks to his traveling and customizing tailored looks for each of his clients.

Many of his out-of-state and international clients and enthusiasts, such as celebrities and their stylists, travel to him as well for their custom looks. As he reaches for his lookbook of sample fabrics and designs, if you listen closely, you can hear that 'it-factor" that makes Miguel Wilson Collection not only a seminal namesake in luxury-formal menswear but something more.

Sitting with him, you get the feeling that he actually cares about not only the image and style of himself and his clients but also the way in which these images get contextualized within the broader atmosphere of the making of iconic moments as part of event arrangements and details, including the venue space of attendees that give meaning to a rare and momentous occasion--from a wedding, red carpet event, prom, gala, banquet, luncheon, premiere, or other illustrious and fine occasions.

"The clients know what they want but you know what you can do," he says about 7.5 minutes into our conversation, highlighting his collaborative approach to business and maintaining clear boundaries when it comes to his clients' expectations and his ability to meet their expectations and demands. Giving his take on being considered the Black Tom Ford by some of his luxury clients, Miguel sheds light into an expanding and changing world bellied and in many ways governed by a Western European aesthetic, especially in the world of luxury goods and fashion.

Feel and be compelled by heart and soul matters of Miguel Wilson, as he continues to bless the world with his luxury lifestyle and designs, empowering grooms and young men of color, especially, to think outside the box and to dream bigger than they thought possible, not limiting themselves to prescribed, misinformed, misguided, or lack-of-exposure opinions and attitudes about their beauty. His collection of formal-wear helps men and confident and bodacious women redefine how they see themselves at pinnacles of success, creating moments and spaces of innovation where the culture of black people, from music, food and fashion, is celebrated and revered in the best of luxury and creativity.

Discover Miguel Wilson Collection and get the latest news and updates from his team Here!

Visual Produced & Edited by: JSNY Official

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Apr 21, 2020

I love it!

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